How Die Cutting Is Carried Out

Die cutting is a manufacturing process used in creation of huge numbers of similar shapes from a low strength material. Some of the materials used include rubber, paper, cloth, foil, fiber, plastics, foam, sheet metal, corrugated fiberboard, and pressure sensitive tapes. The machine used for this process is called a die. In the leather and metalworking industries, the process is referred to as clicking or dinking and the equipment is called a dinking or clicking machine.

The shapes cut are at times called blanks because they undergo some finishing and decorating process before they are sold. This process has several applications around the world and many manufactured products mostly contain an assembly of die cut parts. The assembling is done in a series of predefined steps.

This process originally began in the mid of the 19th century and was used in shoe companies to cut leather. At the moment, it is complex with the ability of slice various materials. The contemporary versions are more effective and simple.

The process is done using very sharp blades. The sharp blades are made into desired shapes and fixed on strong and firm support. The material that requires to be chopped is put on a rigid support and the dinking machine pressed against it. Major articles created by this process comprise envelopes, corrugated boxes, gaskets, and labels.

Companies that incorporate this activity in their manufacturing tasks ensure that the clicking machine is very efficient. It should be able to produce the desired shape with one cut and the waste produced must be minimal. To achieve this, several dies are mounted on a single mount and nested with one another. Any waste materials are recycled and reused.

Die cutting has one key shortcoming in that it is only used to create flat articles. This makes use of more complex methods like molds necessary in generation of dimensional articles. Their sizes vary from massive industrial machines to small simple appliances like cookie cutters.

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