Choosing UV Coating For Magazine Covers

Glossy magazines that are continuously exposed to the sunlight lose their colors and the images fade. The damage on your publications can be avoided with the use of the UV coating on them. This protection is a clear ink that is prepared by printers just like any other dye. It will be used on your magazines on request.

Printing with this ink can be done on blank or preprinted material. You should take care and select the right dye for the job. It is also important to determine if the ink will give the results you are expecting for your magazine. The following suggestions can help you in your search for the right one.

Decide if you need to cover the entire sheet or just a part of it. You can provide part protection called spot protection on your publication. A publication that has been covered in this protective material completely is glossier than one that has been protected partly. If you settle on partial protection, you should consider the effect on the whole project.

There are specific materials that work well with this protection. You should therefore match your veneer with the other materials used in the publication. Any material that contains wax is not suitable for protection against the sun.

Make sure there is enough time for the work to be completed without any hurry. The dye used in printing takes about 24 hours to dry. The protection veneer should not be applied on the printed material until it is completely dry. The protection will require 24 hours to dry.

UV coating will involve additional costs. Your printer can break down the additional costs involved for every sheet to be printed. Consider if you have the resources to meet those costs. If you do not have, there is no need to bear additional financial burden.

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